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The Total Health Difference

Adult Medicine

Total Health is your single source of leading Florida clinicians in all aspects of adult health, including preventative care, internal medicine, and disease management.

Free Transportation

Total Health Medical Centers offers free transportation for retired seniors so they can get the care they deserve.

Retiree and Senior Care

Get the treatment you need and the respect you deserve from experienced medical professionals who understand the unique challenges of senior care.

Who are we?

About Total Health

Total Health Medical Centers (THMC) is a primary care and multi-specialty group dedicated to the advancement of healthcare in every community we serve. We take a human approach to medicine, building relationships that improve patient comfort and bringing all aspects of healthcare together under one roof to increase convenience, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for our patients.

Most Insurances Accepted


We at THMC are proud of our reputation and we do our best to build relationships with our patients that help their health experience feel comfortable.

Recognition, Certifications, And Accreditation

Better Care for a Better Life

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